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Loading Conveyor

Our Loading Conveyor is ideal for Loading/Unloading luggage and cargo to/from Aircraft Cargo, as it firmly holds the door. Our can be used with height ranging from 1250 mm to 3900 mm. The equipment shall be towable and easily maneuverable on tarmac with towing handle hook suitable to connect 50 mm dia. tow pin.

INDUS GROUP STRUCTURE AND OVERALL DIMENSIONS : The conveyor shall be constructed out of tubular structure and covered with MS Sheets and plates wherever necessary. 400 mm X 100 mm solid rubber wheel with axle for rear and turntable mounted axle for front is provided with towing handle.

INDUS GROUP PUMP : Hydraulic Pump would be of Dowdy make gear pump directly mounted on Diesel Engine with bracket and coupling.

INDUS GROUP HYDRAULIC SYSTEM : Hydraulic Motor would be OMR 200 or equivalent, approved by buyer. Hydraulic tank capacity would be 100 liters fitted with level gauge, filler plug, return line filter, drain valve and isolator valve. Emergency hand pump would be provided to raise the boom in case of engine failure. Hydraulic cylinder, control valves, relief valves, flow control valves etc. would be of Yuken/Vickers/Bell or polyhedron make. The hydraulic cylinders shall be of seamless tubes having internal bore duly honed and with hard chromed piston rods. There shall be ease in changing the oil seals. Fuel tank- 60 liters capacity. Stabilizer 4 nos. screw type. Control valve assembly would be mechanical type positioned at rear end of the boom..

INDUS GROUP CONVEYOR BED AND ROLLER : Conveyor bed should be of MS section on which GI rollers fitted to support the belt for smooth movement. The front and rear of the bed should be provided with big roller drums. The conveyor belt should be 3 Ply extruded type.

INDUS GROUP AIRPORT REQUIREMENT : Fire extinguisher of 2 kg dry chemical type to be provided. Four wooden wheel chocks with chain to be provided OBS light, amber color with flasher. Mechanical breaks: provision of mechanical parking breaks to be made to avoid the rolling of unit when parked on slope.


Width between rails 900 mm
Belt width 600 mm & 900 mm to 1000 mm
Belt speed (mini.) 0.3 m/s
Boom Length 8500 mm to 9500 mm
Maximum Height at ramp end 760 mm
Maximum Height at A/C end 1300 mm to 3900 mm
Load capacity 500 kegs distributed